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Washington D.C. – Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) pointed out how with just nine legislative days left in the year, time is running out for Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat majority to put their partisan impeachment aside and pass the bipartisan United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

While the country woke to welcomed news of a strong jobs report matching the lowest jobless rate since 1969, Leader McCarthy emphasized that these numbers — 266,000 added in November  — could be even higher if Congress passed the USMCA, specifically by about 176,000 jobs.

Leader McCarthy also discussed House Republicans’ bipartisan solution for lowering prescription drug prices ahead of its roll-out next week.

On Passing the USMCA

“But there’s a different element to this conversation about our trade agreement with China…Mexico is our number one trader, Canada is number two. If we had USMCA done, we would be in a stronger position with our negotiations with our third trader, China.

“…The Speaker has all the power to call the bill up. If she does, it will pass. If you look across this country, there is nobody opposing this. They know it only makes us stronger, but it becomes a political question that she’s more concerned with maybe tearing down this President instead of building this country up.

“…[Republicans] have been out making the case. If you look at all the times USMCA has been mentioned here in Congress and others, the Republicans have done it 91 percent of the time to eight percent on the Democrats’ side. But we have really built a ground swell of support across this nation and [Democrats] are beginning to feel it and hear it.”

Republican’s Solution to Lower Drug Prices

“…Republicans have a bill, H.R. 19. You know why we have the number 19? Because we can lower prescription drug prices this year in 2019…I lost my father to cancer, so many families have so many challenges when it comes to medical [prices and cures]…but [the Democrats’ plan] H.R. 3 is really not going to lower the drug price and it’s going to harm our future of finding cures. We have H.R. 19 and every element in it is bipartisan. 

“…we can make law with H.R. 19 to lower the drug prices, make sure that we have new cures in the future, and move to a more prosperous country, especially when it comes to medicine.”