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After racking up trillions of dollars in new debt and failing to propose any serious solutions for the long-term fiscal stability of our country, Democrats have once again punted, launching an attack against House Republican efforts to save Social Security and Medicare for future generations.

House Democrats’ Campaign Committee Has Targeted House Republicans For Attempting To Save Social Security And Medicare For Future Generations. “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is hoping to make vulnerable House Republicans run for reelection with Paul Ryan’s budget plan hanging around their necks. In a new offensive launching today, the DCCC will target 10 Republican lawmakers – including eight freshmen – with newspaper ads, e-mails and automated and live phone calls, tying them to the House Budget chief’s pledge to overhaul Social Security and Medicare.” (Alexander Burns, Politico’s “Morning Score,” 3/22/11)

Although Democrats may be content to punt on saving Social Security and Medicare for another two decades, they should remember that it was President Obama who called both programs “not sustainable” and called on both parties to stop using them as a “political wedge issue.”