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On the Need to Protect American Cities:

“This president cares too much about the American people. He cares about safety and security, he cares about why it’s named Operation Legend — a 4-year-old boy killed in his sleep in Kansas City.

“[It] is shocking and astonishing to me that Democrats continue to shrug their shoulders and say ‘people will do what people do.’ This is an opportunity to bring law and order and justice back to America.

“Those people who are living in those cities, in the autonomous zones and others, they cry for the idea of justice. They cry for the ideas of freedom, security and safety…

“These mayors, their political beliefs are so great that they dislike this president… so much that they’ll allow weekend after weekend young children to be murdered [at] numbers that are astonishing for this nation. And they wouldn’t work with the federal government to bring security and safety back to their own streets.

“That’s why I introduced a bill that could withhold funding for these localities if they don’t protect the statues. Because I know firsthand — I have a dear friend whose brother was killed working for the federal government protecting the courthouse in Oakland, California during one of those protests.

“[Someone] pulled up in a van, opened it, and shot Officer Underwood simply because he was an officer standing in front of a courthouse. That’s why I applaud this president for protecting American citizens regardless of what these mayors’ political beliefs are. It’s a responsibility that we [have to] bring safety back to America…

On the Next Relief Package, and Democrats’ Refusal to Hold China Accountable:

“The important part is [people] will get their unemployment. The addition from the federal government is not one-size-fits-all, remember when we crafted [earlier bills] [we had] China lying to us not knowing how long COVID would be with us. So we crafted something quickly, but [now] we want to make sure it helps the individuals who are unemployed and also brings people back to work.

“That’s why I’m focused on liability protection so we’re not suing the schools… or small businesses. [Then] help those small businesses that need the [Paycheck Protection Program] to continue to grow to get out of this. And let’s help people get back to work.

“And what about those pro-growth ideas that brings that supply chain back to America? Did we learn nothing from China? [The Democrats’ silence] is very concerning to me… I don’t know what the Chinese have on the Democratic party, but they have a China problem.

“They will not hold China accountable. They will not even bring bills up on this floor that the Senate has passed. I worked with the Speaker for more than a year to get a bipartisan [China Task Force], an equal number of Republicans and Democrats. They agreed but right before we named it, they said no.”