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It’ been 757 days since Washington Democrats last produced a budget. Now, Democrats are putting politics over people as they continue advocating for higher taxes spending.

Leader Reid: “It Would Be Foolish For Us To Do A Budget.” “’There’s no need to have a Democratic budget in my opinion,’ Reid said in an interview Thursday. ‘It would be foolish for us to do a budget at this stage.’” (Lisa Mascaro, “Harry Reid: ‘Foolish’ For Democrats To Offer Budget Plan,” The Los Angeles Times, 5/20/11)

Senator Schumer: “To Put Other Budgets Out There Is Not The Point.” “Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) downplayed the lack of a Democratic budget proposal Monday, saying there’s simply no room to deal with an alternative until the Senate has voted on the House GOP’s controversial proposal. ‘To put other budgets out there is not the point,” Schumer told reporters.’” (Sam Baker, “Schumer: Alternatives To Ryan Budget ‘Not The Point,’” The Hill, 5/23/11)