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Many House Democrats have previously raised concerns that impeachment would prevent them from getting things done, and today they had the chance to vote for a commonsense, bipartisan win for the American people.

Today’s Previous Question that was voted on the House floor would have suspended Speaker Pelosi’s sham impeachment until the USMCA becomes law.  But 228 House Democrats – including those who warned how impeachment would hurt the American people – voted to prioritize impeachment over the USMCA.

Because they are fixated on impeachment, they can’t accomplish anything – and that includes passing the USMCA. The President of Mexico has now had to send a SECOND letter to House Democrats, urging them to support the USMCA. His first letter was to Speaker Pelosi on October 11.

RECALL: As outlined by the United States International Trade Commission, the USMCA would:

  • Raise GDP by $68.2 billion.
  • Create 176,000 jobs.
  • Increase U.S. exports to Canada by $19.1 billion and to Mexico by $12.4 billion.

Democrats have chosen impeachment over getting anything done – even though they have previously warned of that exact problem. Even former VP Joe Biden said, “I think it’s a gigantic distraction from things we should be focusing on getting done.”

And House Democrats (who supported impeachment over the USMCA today) have warned the same:

  • Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI): “People in my district are wanting us to pass bills, and they fear that if we go down this path of impeachment, we’re not going to be working on the things that affect their livestheir pocketbooks, their kids.”
  • Rep. Max Rose (D-NY): “The truth is impeachment will only tear our country further apart and we will see no progress on the enormous challenges we face as a nation. Impeachment will not fix our roads and bridges or lower the costs of drugs. Impeachment will not keep our kids safe from gun violence or end the opioid epidemic. Impeachment will not improve the lives of the hardworking Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites that I fight for every day.”
  • Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA): “Spanberger said she’s undecided on an impeachment inquiry and prefers to spend her energy trying to ‘get stuff done.'”

It’s a shame that the same Democrats who said they wanted to get stuff done have chosen impeachment instead. The American people are hurt most by their impeachment obsession.