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Democrats are becoming more and more concerned with the President’s handling of the fight against ISIS and response to the Paris attacks, taking to the weekend shows to express their concern.
Senator Dianne Feinstein said President Obama’s approach is “not sufficient to do the job.” In fact, the President is not only failing to stop ISIS, but he has allowed ISIS to gain strength. “This has gone on too long now,” Senator Feinstein said. “And it has not gotten better. It’s gotten worse. There may be some land held by ISIL in Iraq and Syria that’s been taken back. But for all of that there’s more they have gained in other countries.”
Former Defense Secretary in the Obama Administration, Leon Panetta, similarly called into question the Administration’s tactics, and worried that President Obama’s halfhearted efforts in Syria and Iraq have only made things worse.
According to Panetta, the President’s strategy needs a lot of improvement:
“We need to increase the tempo of our air strikes. We need to organize ground forces, particularly the Sunnis and the Kurds and arm them so they can take territory back from ISIS. And frankly, we need to increase Special Forces and our intelligence advisors, not only to guide these forces, but to go with them in order to ensure that we are successful in this effort. I think the United States, by virtue of not getting involved sooner….have contributed to the situation that we’re facing now.”
People are becoming increasingly concerned that President Obama is simply not taking the threat of ISIS seriously enough. Panetta worries that “the resources applied to that mission, frankly, have not been sufficient to confront” ISIS. But Panetta isn’t the only one getting more worried.
Mike Morrell, former Director of the CIA, said today is eerily reminiscent of the time before 9/11. “For me who lived through the pre-9/11 years, there’s a similarity here that’s a bit frightening to me. You have have a group who says it wants to attack us, just as bin Laden said he wanted to attack us. You have them building that capability just as bin Laden built it.”
National security isn’t a partisan concern. With ISIS conducting terrorist attacks from Beirut to Egypt to Paris and more, there is a growing consensus that what the President is doing—and not doing—isn’t working. Contrary to the President’s claim that ISIS is contained, in reality the group has, in the words of former National Security Advisor for the Obama Administration Thomas Donilon, “metastasized.”
The President needs to face reality and create a strategy that will actually defeat and destroy ISIS instead of letting the threat of terrorism around the globe grow. American security and global stability depend upon strong American leadership.