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Last year, our budget deficit reached a record level of $1.4 trillion because of Washington Democrat policies that dramatically increased spending and grew the size of government. Due to this spending binge, economic growth and job creation have stagnated. As a result, Americans want a Balanced Budget Amendment to end Washington’s fiscal recklessness.

65% of Americans Support The Balanced Budget Amendment. “65 percent of the public supports the amendment with 27 percent opposed; 8 percent are undecided.” (Jonathan Strong, “Poll: Large Majority Support Balanced Budget Amendment To Constitution,” The Daily Caller, 5/27/11)

Whip McCarthy & Chief Deputy Whip Roskam: “A constitutional mandate would legally bind both the president and Congress to produce annual budgets that spend no more than the government takes in. It would end the explosive annual deficits that have ballooned to record levels.” (Reps. McCarthy & Roskam, “An Amendment To Balance Our Budget More Crucial Than Ever,” The Hill, 7/14/11)