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In 2002, the House voted without any objections to pass the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. Later that year, the Senate passed the same bill by unanimous consent. This simple bill was overwhelmingly bipartisan and granted legal protections to any infant born alive whether by natural labor, cesarean section, or especially after an abortion.

This week, the House will revisit this issue that had such overwhelming bipartisan support just over a decade ago with the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. In the face of videos claiming that Planned Parenthood employees dissected human babies who still have beating hearts, it is clear that the original law needs to be strengthened. The bill the House will soon consider would help save the lives of babies by imposing criminal penalties on medical professionals who fail to try and save a child born alive after an abortion attempt.

Congress already voted unanimously to end infanticide when a baby is born alive after an abortion, and Republicans continue to stand united to strengthen current law and save lives. The big question is, will Democrats reaffirm the votes their party took just a few years ago and defend the weakest among us, or will they ignore the newborn children fighting for their lives and refuse to act against infanticide?

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