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“Democrats talked about this bill going nowhere. It’s really sickening that Democrats are using this opportunity to enforce their Socialism…

“It’s about pot, it’s about prisoners, it’s about politicizing election law, prioritizing illegal immigrants and pensions.

“These are [all part] of the socialist wishlist they have been trying to pass long before Covid ever came to this land… They’re just using this as an opportunity to restructure government… Joe Biden said it the other day, their Whip, Jim Clyburn [also did].

“What we’ve been able to do as Republicans… save more than 30 million jobs, even though the Speaker —  every time we went to do a bill — held it up…

“We should focus on COVID, have the ability to open up safely. [Speaker Pelosi] won’t even open up Congress. The Senate is open, Starbucks is open, but not the House. We are essential, and the Founders believed that we should assemble. They would be ashamed of what’s happening right now.

“And now she wants to change how Congress works, itself. It’s more than opening up a campus, it’s [about] bringing the voice of the American public back.”