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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered the following remarks at a press conference today on the Democrats’ proposal to change House rules regarding the Motion to Recommit as well as additional questions for Chairman Adam Schiff:

Remarks are below, or watch online here.

On the Democrats’ Proposal to Change House Rules Regarding the Motion to Recommit:

“The Democrats are considering changing or eliminating the Motion to Recommit. These minority rights date back to 1909 – 110 years ago. It was created with the ‘stated purpose of giving the minority the right to have a vote upon its position upon great public questions.’

“Recently, these positions have been met with bipartisan support. As you know, 26 Democrats joined Republicans yesterday to make a flawed piece of legislation a little bit better. By doing so, our motion to recommit was adopted.

“This is the second time an MTR has passed so soon. The first was adopted nearly unanimously. And it has divided Democrat leadership, as many of you have written about.

“But what’s so unfortunate is that Democrats are now thinking about changing the rule. Rather than reconcile the differences within their party that are driving this division, Democrats want to rig the rules and suppress the minority party’s speech on the House floor.

“I want to be very clear and make no mistake: changes to the MTR would be a nuclear option. And it would leave a stain on this majority just two months in.

“You all know the history. In the last 24 years in America, Republicans have been the majority party for 20 of those 24. Never once did we discuss, bring up the option, or even entertain the idea that we would silence the minority. Never once. Not during a sit-in, not during anything that we did. 

“Less than 60 days into a new majority, they want to silence a minority? That’s wrong.”

On Additional Questions for Chairman Schiff:

“Yesterday there was a hearing. Two weeks ago I put out questions for chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff – I even have more questions now.

“In the hearing with Mr. Cohen, he said that he talked to Chairman Schiff. The question I have is what did they talk about? How many times have they talked? Did staff meet? Where did they meet? Did they travel to meet?

“Just as I had the question before about his meeting with Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS – what did they talk about? How often did they meet as well?

“Adam Schiff set a standard that said Devin Nunes had to recuse himself. It looks as though Adam Schiff has met that same standard.”