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“Today marks one month since George Floyd’s death. Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Pete Stauber developed impactful reform to keep our communities safe with better policing.

“This should have been a week we could show the nation that we could come together and solve problems. 

“But if you had any doubts that the Democrats were never interested in working together to reach a solution – Speaker Pelosi dispelled it yesterday… She said that Republicans are ‘trying to get away with murder — the murder of George Floyd.’

“Her words are reprehensible. This is actually a new low for Speaker Pelosi when it comes to trying to score points with her newly radical base.

“Think for one moment, this is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The job of Speaker is too big, for words so small. Does anyone in her conference stand by her on these words? Do they [accuse] Tim Scott [of] wanting to get away with murder?

“Contrast what happened in the Senate yesterday, simple requests to get on the bill where you could start debating to become law… From committee to [the] floor not one Republican amendment is going to be allowed…never consulted us on the creation of this bill… I reached out to those on the Democrat side explaining that I wanted to make law, I wanted to work together, and I still do.

“The only place this is [held up] is [with] the Democrats’ partisanship… Schumer has no reason [to not] debate the bill, even being given twenty amendments. Name me one amendment Republicans are being offered to even debate on the floor – not one… America expects more and deserves more.

“Perhaps [Speaker Pelosi] is being silent on the rioters and criminals who continue to destroy and deface the heroes and history of our country, and assault innocent citizens because she wants to appease the radical left.

“The statue of Saint [Junipero] Serra in the Speaker’s own district was destroyed. I joined the Speaker in praying with Pope Francis in front of St. Serra’s statue in the Capitol in 2015. When the mob wanted to destroy it, she condoned it. Like she never heard of St. Serra — a bit like Peter’s denial.

“And this week in Wisconsin, criminals took down the statues of an abolitionist who died fighting to end slavery during the Civil War, and Lady Forward, a symbol of the women’s suffrage movement.

“Worse — they physically assaulted a Democrat State Senator. Kicking him in the head knocking him out cold. So much for ‘peaceful protests’ that the Speaker continues to celebrate.

“Civil society cannot survive with this type of lawlessness. If cities and state leadership fail to uphold the rule of law, Congress should move to withhold their funding. 

“The time for warnings has lapsed. Order will be restored. Republicans have spoken up, and the silence on the left has been deafening.

“It’s time to restore this nation and rebuild it. The way you do that is you start by passing a bipartisan bill that will become law. You look at Tim Scott’s, you look at the Democrat’s, 70-80% is in both bills. This is the moment in time that we should rise to the occasion, and all my language, all my work, has been for that — to have a solution.

“With the Speaker, it’s been all politics, putting us on a course for failure.”