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Carl Huse of the New York Times presented what he sees as Congress’s “modest proposal:” “To pass spending bills on time.” A modest proposal indeed, considering the House was up past midnight passing its third appropriations bill while the ink was still drying on today’s Times. The Senate so far? … OK. There’s always next week. But with hundreds of House bills sitting in the Senate, Congress is a two-horse team with only one horse that pulls any weight. But—to beat that dead-horse metaphor further—soon maybe all horses will be put out of work with nothing to pull because the Administration’s climate change agenda, capped off by a landmark EPA proposal next week, will cut hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs, raise electricity prices, reduce GDP, and lower disposable income. It may be a legacy-shaping proposal for the President, but Democrats seem to understand that some legacies are bad legacies. Maybe this is why a conversation at a closed-door meeting between Podesta and top House Democrats yesterday was light on substance and heavy on talking points. Old habits die hard, but at least a light cream sauce with a bit of zest and zero calories is both pleasing to the Democrats’ palate and compliant with any new school lunch health mandates.