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House Democrats are about to push through a $1.9 trillion bill that is costly, corrupt, and liberal.

Less than 9% of Democrats’ bill is related to defeating COVID, and their bill even includes $140 million for a Silicon Valley tunnel right outside Speaker Pelosi’s district.  (For those counting at home…Democrats added an extra $28 million to the $112 million price tag Thursday night).

That subway might be Democrats’ priority, but Republicans are focused on America’s students. It has been nearly a year since millions of American students have stepped foot in a classroom. The effects of long-term schools closures have been devastating to families.

Not only are students failing at higher rate, but many have fallen into depression caused by school closures.

From March 2020, when the pandemic was declared, to October 2020, the proportion of mental health-related visits for children between the ages of twelve and seventeen increased by approximately 31 %.

According to the Virginia Pediatrics Association, pediatricians have seen a 90%+ rise in cases involving depression, anxiety, and academic struggles.

All Americans should agree that we cannot ignore this mental health epidemic. That’s why Republicans supported an amendment to Democrats’ massive bill that would:

  • strike funding in the underlying bill for the Pelosi subway tunnel in Silicon Valley, and instead direct that $140 million to support mental health and suicide prevention services in States where children do not have the option of in-person instruction at school.

Unfortunately, House Democrats just BLOCKED this commonsense motion to recommit by a vote of 218-205.

Rep. Ashley Hinson (IA-1) delivered remarks in support of students:

“People are crying out for targeted relief and for resources to stop the spread of this horrific virus that has taken lives and destroyed livelihoods. Instead of delivering Americans the help they need, this bill sends money straight to Speaker Pelosi’s pet project in California – the Bay Area Rapid Transit Silicon Valley Phase 2. 

“How insulting is this to the frontline workers who still have not received a COVID-19 vaccine? Or to the mom trying to pay the rent while her small business is in danger? To the ER docs and nurses treating young children who have been rushed in for a mental health crisis?

“This is Washington pork barrel spending of the worst kind – the kind the Speaker puts in for herself.

“My amendment would stop this flagrant abuse of taxpayers. 

“It would take away the Speaker’s $140 million dollar subway carve out and instead redirect that money to a truly essential cause – supporting mental health programs for students.

“We have seen increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges among our children who have been trapped behind screens for a year now. 

“If we adopt the motion to recommit, we will instruct the Budget Committee to consider my amendment, which would put students over subways and reject this $140 million Speaker set-aside in favor of getting kids the mental health help they need now – before it’s too late. 

“I ask unanimous consent to insert the text of my amendment in the Record immediately prior to the vote on the Motion to Recommit.”