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Exactly eight months ago, President Biden kicked off his presidency by signing an executive order that weakened our border’s security and, at the same time, promised a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. Predictably, these misguided and reckless policies have directly led to the worst illegal immigration crisis the United States has faced in decades.

(How it started:)

To date under Biden’s watch, our Border Patrol agents have encountered over 1.2 million migrants attempting to illegally enter our country – that is more than the population of eight states, including the President’s home state of Delaware. This past August alone, 208,887 illegal immigrants were apprehended while crossing the border in August — a 312% increase from August 2020 and the sixth consecutive month of over 170,000 illegal crossings.

(How it’s going:)

The crisis now continues into September. Over the weekend, there was another surge of thousands of migrants who flooded the border in Del Rio, Texas. As of a few hours ago, there were still 12,000 who were living in makeshift camps under a bridge and dealing with unlivable conditions, including 100-degree weather, water and food shortages, and medical issues, even a reported case of possible tuberculosis infections in the camp.

In addition to the number of humanitarian issues this is creating, the border town of Del Rio is also feeling the burden of the chaotic conditions at the border, just a few miles from their own homes. Mr. Rodriguez, a 40-year-old warehouse worker, said. “Now, it feels like the end of the world… No one was prepared for this. We won’t be the same after this is over.”

According to recent reports, authorities are making “20 to 40 arrests a day,” which has led to overcrowding conditions. The town’s “local police and jails have been overwhelmed with cases in recent weeks of migrants who ventured into town, and sometimes private property.”

For months, the Del Rio Mayor, Bruno Lozano, a Democrat, has pleaded with the Biden administration to use the federal resources at their disposal to help curb the flow of illegal migrants from coming into the small border town. The calls for assistance have so far gone unanswered. Mayor Lozano has called the administration’s lack of action a “slap in the face.”

“You have a breach on national security levels that have never before been seen in modern history and you’re not even batting an eye about it, you’re not even calling it a ‘crisis‘, you’re calling it a quote unquote challenge,” Lozano continued.

It has been a dereliction of duty for President Biden and border czar, Vice President Harris, to continue to turn their backs on the situation at the border. As House Republican Leader McCarthy announced on Friday, it is time for the Biden-Harris administration to recognize this situation for what it is: a national security crisis. The President must fully deploy the National Guard to retain control of the situation, and they owe the American people a plan on what measures they plan to implement to regain control of our border.

Waiting out a bad news cycle is not a sustainable strategy. It is well past time that the Biden administration take action to ease the stress on our border communities, ensure the security of our border, and help stop illegal immigration.