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Democrats are beginning to offer their “solutions” to skyrocketing energy costs. So far their proposals include tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and making the United States more dependent on foreign oil. Unlike the Keystone Pipeline, these “solutions” do nothing to secure our energy future or make us less dependent on foreign oil, nor will they grow our economy and create jobs.

Washington Liberals Call On President Obama To Tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve. “…liberals in Washington are getting nervous and asking President Barack Obama to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a potential panacea for escalating gasoline prices.” (Darren Goode, “Dems to Obama: Tap Oil Reserve,” Politico, 2/25/12)

House Democrat Leaders Are Urging President Obama To Open SPR. “Three House Democrats — Reps. Ed Markey, Peter Welch and Rosa DeLauro — also are urging Obama to open up the spigots.” (Darren Goode, “Dems To Obama: Tap Oil Reserve,” Politico, 2/25/12)

Secretary Tim Geithner Says Tapping SPR Is An Option That’s On The Table For The Administration. “On Friday, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner suggested the SPR is a possibility. ‘There’s a case for the use of the (reserves) in some circumstances, and we’ll continue to look at that and evaluate that carefully,’ he told CNBC Friday morning.” (Darren Goode, “Dems To Obama: Tap Oil Reserve,” Politico, 2/25/12)

Senate Democrat Caucus Vice-Chair Chuck Schumer’s “Solution” Is To Make Us More Dependent On Middle Eastern Oil. “To address this situation, I urge the State Department to work with the government of Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production, as they are currently producing well under their capacity…” (Ben Geman, “Sen. Schumer Tells Clinton To Pressure Saudi Arabia To Pump More Oil,” The Hill, 2/27/11)