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As Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) has been exposing in the “The Leader’s Roundtable,” Americans are paying the price for Democrats’ out-of-control spending and overregulation – especially our small and local business owners, workers and patrons.

Whether it’s at the gas station, the supermarket, or a nearby restaurant, Americans are well aware that life is getting more expensive.

As their policies demonstrate, Democrats want to ignore that inflation is at a 30-year-high, and that costs are going up – last quarter, one of the largest foodservice distributors increased their prices by around 12%.

The Democrats’ spending plan will make running a business in America even less affordable.

Instead of promoting ideas that are geared towards driving prices back down and fixing America’s national labor shortage, Democrats are pushing proposals that will squeeze small businesses even more. The overbearing taxes and regulations will add more challenges for small businesses and will force them to pass on some of those higher costs to their customers.

By creating a system where small and local businesses compete with the federal government, Democrats are denying business owners the ability to recover from the challenges they faced during the pandemic.

As Representative Beth Van Duyne (TX-24) said, “The Biden administration is treating small businesses as if they are the enemy, doing nothing to help you at all and doing everything to crush you.” 

Earlier this month, Leader McCarthy hosted a discussion between House Republicans and business owners who will be impacted by these crushing policies.

Click below or here to watch Republicans reveal Democrats’ intentions.

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