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As Leader McCarthy has been exposing in the “The Leader’s Roundtable,” life is getting more expensive for American families as a result of Democrats’ reckless policies. Their out-of-touch spending plan will worsen many of these soaring costs, especially when it comes to gas prices, which this week are up 62% from just a year ago.

At a time when the United States should be focused on energy independence and the benefits that come along with it, Democrats are determined to force Americans to rely on foreign adversaries for some of our most critical resources – making our country less competitive and the world less safe. Considering it was just reported this morning that Americans are paying 30-year high prices for most of their everyday goods, the United States needs more energy independence, not less. As Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Ranking Member Garret Graves said, “Our request here is ultimately, treat us like you’re treating other countries. Allow us to produce our own energy solutions right here in the United States, allow us to use our own pipeline resources right here in the United States.”

By doubling down on job-killing policies in their spending package, Democrats are preventing Americans from paying lower prices for cleaner fuel.

Earlier this month, Leader McCarthy hosted a discussion between House Republicans and real Americans who will be impacted by these nonsensical and unaffordable policies.

Click below or here to watch Republicans reveal Democrats’ intentions.