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As House Republican Leader McCarthy (CA-23) has been exposing in “The Leader’s Roundtable,” Democrats are attempting to exercise complete control over all aspects of American life — including our K-12 education system. As demonstrated in their spending bill, Democrats want bureaucrats to have more influence when it comes to what children are being taught in their classrooms. Simply put, they would rather empower politicians instead of the parents whose children are being affected.

School closures and the failures of virtual learning became a wake-up call to parents across America. Republicans are committed to lifting up the voices of parents and making sure they have the transparency and influence they deserve, including to have a say in what their own children are being taught. That is why House Republicans will be introducing a Parents Bill of Rights to ensure families are aware of their parental rights when it comes to education.

It is also why earlier this month, Leader McCarthy hosted a discussion with members of the GOP Conference and concerned parents to hear about the most egregious issues they are facing, including their fears about the Democrats’ plans for nationalized education in their so-called spending bill. As Rep. Julia Letlow (LA-05) said, “The other side wants to shut parents out and have the government do the job. That has proven to fail time and time again.”

Click below or here to watch Republicans reveal Democrats’ intentions.

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