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By signing the so-called American Rescue Plan earlier this month, President Biden imposed a $1.9 trillion new burden on American families. This costly, corrupt, and liberal wishlist was passed under the guise of Covid relief, yet very little actually goes toward defeating the virus and getting Americans back to work, back to school, and back to health. Rather, it is full of waste that will leave our children and grandchildren paying this massive debt, while it provides payoffs to special interests and non-health related pet projects.

Here is the proof: 

A fact-check confirms the overwhelming majority of the Democrats’ “relief” bill is not related to Covid:

PolitiFact fact-checker Jon Greenberg admitted that, “At the high end, direct COVID-19 spending represents about 8.5% of the bill’s $1.9 trillion cost.” PolitiFact also substantiated Republicans’ claim that merely 1% goes toward vaccines.

Here’s a breakdown of where this “Covid-Relief” bill is actually being spent:

  • $21 thousand for federal employees to stay home
  • $25 thousand bonus for state government workers
  • $50 million for Planned Parenthood
  • $200 million for the Institute Museum and Library Services
  • $270 million for the National Endowment for Arts and Humanities
  • $600 million for Pelosi’s home city, San Francisco
  • $1.5 billion for Amtrak
  • $12 billion for foreign aid
  • $15 billion for illegal immigrant-eligible health care
  • $111 billion for welfare without work requirements
  • $350 billion to bail out blue states

Liberal cities and states received such an influx of “Covid Relief” that they’re now figuring out how to spend it on the fly. As Mayor Katie Rosenberg of Wausau, Wisconsin noted, the city is in “big dreams mode” as they decide where and to whom the millions of dollars they received will go since the city still “[hasn’t] gotten any guidance from federal or state government on restrictions to the funding.”

Similarly, in Cincinnati, city manager Paula Boggs Muething recommended using $250,000 of the funding allotted to the city for Covid relief toward restoring a Black Lives Matter mural outside of city hall. Mayor John Cranley recently announced that this would be just a fraction of the $10 million the city’s local government plans to spend on arts and culture instead of helping those in need, as Democrats claimed it would be used for.

And in Sacramento, city officials are eager to allocate large swaths of the tens of millions they are receiving to issues like “the arts” and “cultural organizations and tourism.” The Sacramento Bee explains that the city has leeway in how it chooses to spend this “emergency” relief since “federal guidance so far has been deliberately open-ended, since different cities have different needs.”


This bill wasn’t meant to rescue or provide relief for American families — it is a political payoff by the Democrats, and for the Democrats.

President Biden wants Americans to believe ‘help is on the way.’ But under this bill, it isn’t; waste is. From bailing out blue cities and states, to extravagant bonuses for government employees, this legislation puts the interests of the Swamp first.