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SHOT — POLITICO: “Timothy Geithner, David Axelrod Soothe Hill Democrats” … An under-the-radar White House lobbying campaign began to take shape on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, as senior administration officials pressed Democrats to back Barack Obama’s latest tax plan and top political operatives detailed the president’s reelection strategy in battleground states. (Manu Raju, ““Timothy Geithner, David Axelrod Soothe Hill Democrats,” Politico, 7/11/12)

CHASER — The Hill: Reid Rejects Vote On President’s Tax Hike “Amid Defections Within His Caucus.”  “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Wednesday rejected a Republican request to vote on President Obama’s income tax plan amid defections within his caucus on tax policy. (Alexander Bolton, “Reid Rejects GOP Request To Vote On Obama’s Tax Plan,” The Hill, 7/11/12)