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At the State of the Union Address this year, the President promised a “year of action.” Though the House has passed nearly 300 bills that are now gathering dust in the Senate, the President decided that if we don’t do things exactly the way he wants then he would act unilaterally.

Well, we are officially over halfway through the year, and what has the President accomplished? I’ll give you a moment to think about it.

It’s hard for us to think of anything either. The President previously talked a big game about having secured the border, but he refused to even visit the border in his most recent trip to Texas as tens of thousands of minors stream into America. He has issued memoranda about helping working families, but more people have given up on finding jobs than have found employment. He says we are in a recovery and that his plans for the economy are working, but he has completely failed in strengthening our economy, which shrank by 2.9 percent the first quarter of this year.

President Obama may have the rhetoric of success, but his record is thin. His performance through the first half of this year is so bad that the Washington Post asked if this was a “year of action for Obama? Or year of spin?

What we do know is that the President has chosen to neglect our allies and appease our enemies abroad, which has only led to increased global unrest and turmoil.

We know that Obamacare is increasing premiums, reducing the size of doctor networks, and causing headaches and pain for millions of Americans, but the President still claims the law is a success.

We know that President Obama has been completely unwilling to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans to solve our country’s most pressing problems. Though the House has passed multiple bipartisan bills to help the economy, reduce government waste and inefficiency, and create jobs, the President has chosen to mock Congress instead of engage with our ideas.

Despite his call for a “year of action,” the President hasn’t accomplished anything of note. Let’s hope in the second half of this year the President will stop playing the blame game and start working with Congress. America wants Washington to work, and the only way that can happen is if the President and Senate Democrats stop with the rhetoric and start engaging with the other side.