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Few have been hurt more by the COVID-19 Pandemic than our nation’s youth.

Lengthy lockdowns have sidelined their social and educational development, forcing parents across America to step into the roles of teachers, coaches, and tutors.

Fortunately, the CDC recently announced that schools can be safely reopened. There’s just one thing standing in the way of the science: the Biden Administration.

Joe Biden claims he will have most schools open by April, though this otherwise reasonable goal is underscored by the mother-of-all fine print: for schools to be considered “open”, they need to only teach students ONCE per week in a classroom.


This is a comically low bar, even for an administration hallmarked by its dubious priorities. Considering that our country recently accomplished a landing on Mars, making a mission to teach our students one day per week couldn’t feel more subterranean.

We can do better. We must do better.

Our children are struggling, Mr. President. It’s time to put their needs ahead of special interests and science-denialism. The future of our country depends on it.

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