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A key characteristic of the Obama administration is foot dragging. Unable to work under its own time constraints, “delay” has been the president’s favored form of “action.” Case in point, the Obama Administration has missed 25 statutory deadlines under their own health care law. That’s right. These requirements that Democrats themselves set in their Democrat-made law went unheeded.

A new report by the Congressional Research Service found that as of April 15th, the Obama Administration has failed to comply with over one over quarter of the 83 deadlines mandated since March 2011. Many of these deadlines are obscure provisions—such as the missed deadline for the administration to issue a report on domestic violence victims on Indian reservations. Others, such as a requirement mandating the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct a national survey on employer health care policies, seem central to the law’s success.

Sadly, these delays are next to normal for the administration, which has failed to follow through time and time again despite their enthusiasm for a federal health care overhaul.  It seems that when President Obama and his Congressional allies are faced with criticism and hard deadlines, they say that Obamacare must be tinkered with to work. Laws and deadlines are not tinker toys to be altered by executive fiat. The administration’s continuous sidestepping and unwillingness to be held accountable for deadlines they set themselves, is insulting to millions of Americans who have been betrayed by their broken promises.