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As if Obamacare didn’t have enough problems, the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Ways and Means Committee recently discovered that American tax dollars may be subsidizing health coverage for foreign diplomats.

Here’s what we know according to Chairmen Ed Royce (CA-39) and Dave Camp (MI-04):

“According to the Department of Health and Human Services, foreign diplomats holding ‘A’ or ‘G’ visas are eligible to participate in an array of medical programs administered by the federal government, including participation in Health Insurance Marketplaces governed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Secretary of Health and Human Services has informed the Committee on Foreign Affairs that, if they meet basic ACA requirements, ‘a foreign diplomat could satisfy the statutory criteria to be eligible for a premium tax credit and cost-sharing reductions.’”

The Obamacare website alone has already cost Americans billions, and the entire law will cost us trillions more. With a broken system that has already cost so much, we shouldn’t be wasting money subsidizing foreign diplomats while so many Americans are seeing their premiums increase. House committees will continue to conduct oversight to ensure our government—and even it’s most broken programs—are at the very least accountable to American taxpayers.