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He is a former radio DJ, a father, and an avid hiker who represented Oregon in Congress for 22 years. And this week, former Congressman Greg Walden’s official portrait as Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce was revealed to the public.

Now, when anyone looks at his portrait, they’ll see a man who fought for every American’s ability to live to their full potential.

Republicans and Democrats alike turned out to express their appreciation.

“Greg never took himself too seriously, but he took this job seriously, and he took on some of the biggest challenges of our time. He got the largest bill to combat the opioid crisis in American history signed into law. He defended internet freedom. He teamed up with Frank Pallone to end surprise billing. And, as President Trump loved to remind everyone, he passed ‘Right to Try,’” said Leader McCarthy (CA-23). “Greg’s legacy has made Oregon, Congress, and America better. He has earned this portrait.”