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He is an Eagle Scout, a guitar player, a veteran, and a doctor who has delivered more than 5,000 babies across the great state of Tennessee. And today, former Rep. Phil Roe’s official portrait as the Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs was revealed to the public.

Now, when anyone looks upon his portrait, they’ll see a man who always put veterans first, with dozens of bipartisan veterans bills signed into law under his chairmanship.

“As Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Phil oversaw the passage of the most significant health care reform for veterans in recent decades, the MISSION Act, which gave veterans the freedom to visit private doctors or clinics instead of wait through months of appointment backlogs at the VA,” said Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23). “Veterans across the country have more choices and better care thanks to Phil’s tireless work. This portrait honors his legacy of service in Congress and for veterans across the country.”

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