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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released a statement on House passage of H.R. 1892, a government funding measure that would prevent a government shutdown and fully support our national defense:

“When the House passed all 12 government funding bills last September, we were trying to avoid this very problem of funding the government over and over again with short-term patches. The Senate Democrat minority—which has the power to block legislation—prevented these bills from even being debated on the Senate floor. Senate Democrats even went so far as to shut down the government only a few weeks ago.

“This immature politicking has real-world consequences. Without this legislation, we cannot fully fund our community health centers that serve low-income communities or extend vital policies in Medicare that serve our nation’s elderly. Without this bill, which includes funding for teaching health centers that train doctors, so many Americans in California’s Central Valley and across the country will continue to face physician shortages.

“And without this legislation with full Department of Defense funding, our military cannot continue to defend our country in the manner needed and our men and women in uniform will not have the equipment and support they need to keep our country—and themselves—safe. During the Schumer Shutdown, Senate Democrats spoke repeatedly about how we must fund our military. Was that all just cheap talk? I hope not. Senate Democrats have a chance to live up to their word and fund the military in full. Our nation cannot accept anyone putting politics above our national defense any longer.”