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While rapidly rising gas prices and inflationary pressures are making it difficult for Americans to make ends meet, President Biden and congressional Democrats refuse to work with American producers to increase our oil and gas production. Instead, they are begging authoritarian regimes like Venezuela and Iran to put more of their oil reserves on the open market — and telling American families that there’s nothing that can be done about high prices at the pump.

This morning in a press conference, Leader McCarthy called on President Biden to work with Republicans on targeted solutions to lower gas prices and put more of American workers’ paychecks back in their pockets.

Remarks as prepared are below, or watch online here.

“On Sunday, Americans found themselves paying an average of $4.00 per gallon, the highest since the Great Recession. Three days later, the sticker shock at the pump had only gotten worse.

“Today, we’re paying $4.25 per gallon, the highest ever, and up from the $2.53 national average when Biden took office. In California, drivers are waking up to a state average price of $5.57 per gallon.

“President Biden keeps breaking records, and those records are breaking Americans’ budgets.

“With prices this high, families are expecting to pay an extra $2,000 in annual costs on fuel alone. And that’s on top of the extra costs because of the highest inflation in 40 years.

“Yes, oil is an international market, but the main reason Americans are paying so much is bad domestic policies. These aren’t Putin’s price hikes. They’re President Biden’s.

“Even a Democrat pollster recently admitted that blaming Russia for rising gas prices is “good news… before, it was kind of ambiguous: What’s going on? Why are gas prices going up?”

“And yes, Mr. President, your policies are holding back domestic energy production. Your allies on Capitol Hill have actually called on American companies to lower oil production.

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“The upward trajectory in gas prices started the day President Biden took office – and we had one-party Democrat rule in Washington.

“By contrast, Republicans have been warning for over a year that Biden’s war on American energy would lead to higher costs at the pump.

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“That is exactly what has happened and Americans are left paying the price.

“Not only did House Republicans warn this would happen, but we repeatedly offered the obvious solutions to the problem: build the pipelines, increase production/distribution, and fast-track energy exports to allies.

“By contrast Democrats’ plan to lower prices today is: blame Russia, buy expensive electric vehicles, and beg OPEC for a bailout.

  • The ‘Buck Stops with Me’ President says, ‘Can’t do much right now. Russia’s responsible.’
  • His Secretary of Transportation tells Americans to buy $56,000 electric vehicles.
  • His State Department wants to buy oil from Iran and Venezuela, trading one dictator for another.
  • And on Capitol Hill, the Democrats’ conference chair, Hakeem Jeffries said rising gas prices have not come up in their caucus meetings.

“In other words, Democrats will do anything but what is actually needed: more production in America.

“The solution to getting our country back on track to returning to energy independence couldn’t be more straightforward.

“We must shift to American-made energy and utilize our first-class workforce to power our country.”