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Heading into a three-day holiday weekend, Americans’ enthusiasm may well turn to aggravation when it comes time to fill up the gas tank. AAA estimates that gas prices are now at the highest they’ve been since 2008, which hits Americans right in the wallets at a time of year traditionally reserved for vacations and a bit of time spent with family and friends.

As the President continues to stumble on foreign policy, uncertainty abroad is on the rise, especially in the world’s largest energy producing regions. Concerns over reliable energy are growing, and yet North American energy remains trapped by an Administration that blocks energy exploration on land and sea and and refuses to approve important energy infrastructure projects.

With gas prices rising, now is not the time to further constrain our energy sector, forcing us to remain dependent on oil from unstable regions.

Last week, the House passed several energy bills to increase energy exploration on federal lands and offshore, cut red tape to speed the processing of cross-border infrastructure projects, like the Keystone XL pipeline, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Those bills now sit on Harry Reid’s desk, along with hundreds of other House-passed bills that would reduce energy prices, create jobs, and foster a healthy economy. Because of this inactive Senate, America’s energy policy is not keeping up with the innovation and ingenuity that has put North America in a position to become the world’s energy superpower. Failing to embrace our energy revolution is hurting the American people who are paying the price at the pump and beyond.