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Washington D.C. – House Republican Leadership will meet with small business owners on Wednesday, December 5th in Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s office, H-107. In announcing the meeting, McCarthy issued the following statement:

“Small businesses are the engine of our economy. As leaders in Washington continue to discuss solutions to the ‘fiscal cliff,’ it is important to remember that these businesses employ the majority of Americans and will be the most adversely affected by an increase in tax rates. The Democrats’ obsession with punitive tax increases isn’t a solution – it’s an ideological fixation that seeks to elevate Government at the expense of freedom, opportunity and the pursuit of the American dream. House Republicans support a competitive economy where all Americans can achieve success, and we know that the key to fixing our economic woes isn’t to increase taxes on hard-working people, but is a comprehensive, ‘balanced’ approach that includes sensible spending cuts. We look forward to hearing from these small business owners about the solutions that will most effectively spur economic growth and create an environment to get more Americans back to work.”