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One thing that has been clear throughout the pandemic is that Americans have been deprived of the resources to do what is best for ourselves, families, and community. The most recent example of this is California Governor Gavin Newsom hiding key data about the virus in his state and refusing to publicize it because it would “confuse and potentially mislead the public if they were made public.”

Not only does this logically not make sense, it suggests Newsom doesn’t think his constituents are capable of doing what’s right for themselves and their families.

In November, Newsom began to track the state’s Covid-19 developments by dividing California into five regions, and using a single measurement, ICU capacity, to decide whether each region would be placed under a lockdown order. A region would be hit with a stay-at-home order if capacity fell below the state’s 15% threshold.

But just last week, as no region appeared to qualify to have its orders lifted, Newsom announced he’d be lifting the stay-at-home order for the Greater Sacramento area. Businesses were shocked, and left scrambling to adjust to the new operating rules.

It’s a good shock in most senses, yes. But scientists, business owners, and residents alike are left wondering what happened to the 15% capacity rule? We won’t know yet, because Newsom’s office has decided to not publicly share its projected data.

Using your position of power to decide if a restaurant can allow diners inside, if a hair stylist can make a living, if a child can go to school, if people can go to church, while also randomly deciding whether or not you’re going to disclose why citizens can or cannot live freely, is an extraordinary abuse and will result in a deserved erosion of public trust.

So what’s with the timing? Over the weekend, we noticed the football stadiums began to fill out. On the day President Biden was inaugurated, Amazon announced it was “ready to assist” his administration in achieving its goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in its first 100 days. What makes Amazon ready now, as opposed to a few weeks or months ago? Yesterday, Biden reinstated a multi-country entry ban due to coronavirus. He called those same bans “xenophobic” just a few months ago. Has Biden changed his mind on travel bans?

We could go on. But the worst part of the left’s blatantly politicized handling of the pandemic is the irreparable damage it’s caused on our children and the economy. We’ve been fed conflicting, arbitrary demands for almost a year, and at the end of this, we will realize that if given more tools, more information, and more personal responsibility, maybe we could have come out of this differently.