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Last week, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy released a memo on how the House plans to take real steps to reform government. This post expands on that memo by discussing a part of the House’s plan.

Imagine: A government official in Washington proposes a new regulation that will cost your employer lots of money and probably even cost you your job. You and your employer push back, saying the regulation won’t work and will destroy too many jobs. The government official says, “Well, our decision is based on science.” But when you ask to see that science—science that they used to write the regulation and that will cost you your job—they say, “We can’t share that with you.”

Isn’t that wrong? Even so, it’s exactly what is happening today with the EPA. The EPA proposes new rules that will cost billions of dollars and destroy thousands of jobs. Then, when questioned, they say it is all based on the best science but often refuse to share that science with the American people or even Congress.

Soon the House will consider H.R. 4012, the Secret Science Reform Act, which fixes this problem. The House Science committee recognizes that if the EPA is committed to making rules on the best-available science, it should only make regulations based on science that is transparent and reproducible.

There are big issues facing America—our border is unsecure, our government is unaccountable, and people still face economic uncertainty and a deficit of opportunity, to name a few. These problems require the type ofbold solutions that House Republicans have been proposing and passing for several years now. President Obama and Republicans don’t see eye to eye on many of these solutions.  And it isn’t likely the President is going to change his mind his last two years in office. That is why it is so important that over the next two years we don’t miss an opportunity to make progress for the American people where we can.

H.R. 4012 is just one of a number of bills under consideration in the House that are not only good for America, but could have a reasonable shot of passing through a more active Senate and getting sent toPresident Obama. Our government needs to be more limited, accountable, and competent, and bills like this will help do just that.