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Washington, D.C. – Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on House passage of legislation to ensure transparency in the IRS and improve government oversight:

“Throughout this Administration, unaccountable federal bureaucracy has run rampant, imposing undue and harmful regulations on the American people. The IRS took this reckless approach even further when it targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny, commandeering our tax code for political purposes.

“Today, the House passed three bills to protect Americans from IRS overreach. Altogether, these bills will aid investigations into IRS wrongdoings and protect innocent Americans from IRS targeting by allowing appeals of tax-exempt decisions, releasing information regarding IRS investigations, and ensuring work-related emails from IRS officials are no longer ‘lost’ or forgotten—an unbelievable excuse the agency continues to cite.

“The House also passed two other oversight bills addressing weaknesses exposed during the House’s investigation of the IRS. The first would make it easier to hold senior executives in government accountable and the second improves federal record keeping.

“I would like to thank Representative Charles Boustany (LA-03) for his diligent work to protect Americans from IRS lawlessness and Representatives Tim Walberg (MI-07) and Mark Meadows (NC-11) for their tirelessly advocacy of stronger government oversight. Government must be limited, honest, and competent, and America’s bureaucracy needs reform on all three counts.”