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With chaos on the rise abroad, you’d think the Commander-in-Chief would want to give our military a strong foundation for success. That would, after all, be the smart and responsible thing to do. But that is exactly what the President plans to obstruct.

Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate have spent months working on a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that reforms and supports America’s national security infrastructure.

  • It ensures our military has funding for national defense and overseas operations.
  • It makes sure our military personnel receive the benefits they need, deserve, and earn.
  • It authorizes and provides resources for cyber defense.
  • It reforms the wasteful Department of Defense (DOD) acquisitions process.
  • It updates our crumbling nuclear infrastructure.
  • It even authorizes funding at the exact level that the President requested.

With rising threats across the world and increasing instability everywhere from East Asia to the Middle East to Europe and beyond, we need this defense authorization to keep America safe and enhance America’s role as a stabilizing force in the world.

Just think about the threats that America faces. Syrian President Bashar Assad just met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to coordinate a new military offensive that targets the very rebels America supports in the Syrian civil war. More than a year of limited air strikes and micromanagement of our military from the House has done little to reverse the rise of ISIS. China is growing more provocative and assured in its extensive naval claims. And Russian forces continue their occupation of the sovereign European nation of Ukraine.

Yet exactly at this time—a time when we need our military to be strong, efficient, and able—President Obama wants to veto the NDAA. He doesn’t have any problem with the bill. In fact, Republicans and Democrats agree that this is a very good bill. Instead, his problem is that Congress just isn’t spending enough on the domestic programs the President wants. And to get his way, President Obama is apparently willing to threaten our military capabilities and put our nation at greater risk.

The Commander-in-Chief should never bargain with our defense. It is irresponsible and wrong. In the face of growing threats abroad, the President needs to make the right choice. Sign the NDAA.