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Under President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, Iran can legally create an industrial nuclear weapons program in 10 to 15 years, has its ballistic missile embargo lifted in 8 years, and has its conventional arms embargo lifted in five years. And in order to achieve such disagreeable terms, Secretary Kerry and President Obama promised Iran up to $150 billion in immediate sanctions relief with more relief to follow.

Considering the snapback sanctions provision is a false threat and the inspections regime is littered with holes, this Administration sold the farm for… what exactly did we get?

But the complete failure of this deal is not contained to Iran. Now it seems that cash-strapped dictators everywhere might follow Iran’s lead and leverage the U.S. for a couple billion dollars.

Case in point: North Korea. Earlier today, North Korea announced that it restarted a nuclear reactor and that it was prepared to target the U.S. with a nuclear weapon at “any time.”

While there is always reason to fear that North Korea may start a war, the usual reason for such saber rattling is to extract more money and aid out of misguided American leaders. It’s not difficult to see why North Korea would do this.

Perhaps Kim Jong-Un, seeing what the Iranians just got, is looking for his own sweetheart deal. If Iran could get billions of dollars from this Administration by just promising to put their nuclear program on hold and agreeing to severely limited inspections, why can’t a dictator who actual has nuclear weapons get the same, or perhaps more?