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Remember that press conference in March where former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she asked “the State Department [to] make all my work-related emails public for everyone to see”? Or how Secretary Clinton called herself “probably the most transparent person in public life”? Well, turns out that’s not exactly true.

According to the State Department, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to turn over all of her official emails as she previously claimed.

Compelled by a Select Committee subpoena, Secretary Clinton’s unofficial Libya advisor and confidant, Sidney Blumenthal, turned over emails relating to Benghazi and Libya that hadn’t been produced by the State Department—this despite multiple requests and a subpoena requiring the State Department to turn over all Libya and Benghazi-related emails.

So as Chairman Gowdy challenged, who isn’t being forthright?

On Thursday, the State Department was forced to admit Secretary Clinton did not turn over all of her official email correspondence despite her claims to the contrary.  This confirms the concerns that I and others have raised about Clinton keeping her private and official emails together on a personal server, whether or not she provided a complete record of her emails as, and her decision to delete emails before those records could be reviewed by responsible State Department officials.

If, as Clinton claims, she deleted all of the records that were not turned over to the State Department, then Clinton deleted evidence that was subject to multiple investigations and a subpoena.  What’s worse, we know this only because of a small subset of emails produced by Blumenthal—we can only wonder what other evidence Clinton has erased.