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President Biden’s economy is in crisis, and Democrats’ are in denial about their destructive policies.

Inflation continues to rise, supply chains are crumbling, and gas prices are up 42 percent since last year.

President Biden and Democrats in Congress want to spend trillions of dollars to make a “fundamental change” to the economy. This means higher prices for American families.

This morning, we learned that year-over-year inflation outpaced expectations — rising at the fastest rate since 1991, or 30 years ago.

As The Washington Post’s Heather Long notes, “This is a really worrying inflation story for low-income Americans.”

Here are just some of the latest headlines covering the Biden economy in crisis:

“Consumer prices rise more than expected as energy costs surge” (CNBC)

“Inflation comes in hotter than expected as prices spike 5.4 percent” (New York Post)

“Inflation accelerated in September, with consumer prices growing 5.4%” (CBS News)

“Inflation Remained High in September” (Wall Street Journal)

“Key inflation report: Prices aren’t coming back to earth anytime soon” (CNN) 

“U.S. Consumer Prices Outpace Forecast as Inflation Dogs Economy” (Bloomberg)

“Consumer prices jumped last month, a problem for Washington and Wall Street.” (New York Times)

“Inflation surges by most in 13 years as energy prices spike” (Fox Business)

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