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President Obama was in Iowa yesterday discussing the need to grow the economy and create jobs, asking for more time to get it right.

President Obama Pleads For More Time On The Economy. “So we’ve got more work to do. And that work is going to take some time. The problems that we developed didn’t happen overnight. We’re not going to solve them overnight either. But we will solve them.” (President Obama, Remarks, 6/28/11)

It’s been 861 days since the President signed the failed $787 billion stimulus bill, and unemployment now stands at 9.1%.

861 Days After The Stimulus President Obama Gives Jobs Speech Pleading For More Time On Economy. “He admitted that things are not good for millions of Americans and said it was going to take even more time to do what his vice president promised would be happening 14 months ago.” (Andrew Malcom, “861 Days And $787 Billion In, Obama Pleads For More Time On Jobs,” The Los Angeles Times, 6/29/11)