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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined The Washington Post’s Robert Costa last week for a wide-ranging interview. Leader McCarthy shared some of his biggest policy priorities, including infrastructure and data privacy, and discussed ways they can be accomplished.

Here are three important topics you may have missed:

GAIIN Act: A Good Start on Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Leader McCarthy highlighted the bipartisan Generating American Income and Infrastructure Now (GAIIN) Act as an important starting point to rebuild America’s infrastructure. The GAIIN Act would require the Department of Agriculture to sell its distressed assets on the open market and then direct the Department of Treasury to distribute the proceeds towards infrastructure projects in America’s 100 poorest districts.

Remarks are below or watch online here.

Leader McCarthy: “You know, there is a bipartisan bill out there that could pay for part of it. It’s called the GAIIN act. Do you know who supports the GAIIN Act? You have the Black Caucus and the Freedom Caucus.”

Costa: “Isn’t this only a hundred million dollars?”

McCarthy: “A hundred million dollars that you don’t have to raise taxes on. It’s a start of where you go. It goes to the 100 poorest districts. It has bipartisan support already. That’s a good start.”

Americans Concerned About Jobs, Immigration, and Healthcare

Leader McCarthy noted that the Americans are focused on issues like jobs, immigration, and healthcare. It is only congressional Democrats who are fixated on the Mueller report.

Remarks are below or watch online here.

“We are a microcosm of society. Now, the Senate may be a little different. I view the Senate as like a country club and the House as like having breakfast at a truck stop. Alright? We are a microcosm of society and we reflect what is happening in society today.

 “Look, I’ll be on a plane today and I’ll be back in Bakersfield by tonight. I’ll be with my constituents tomorrow. They won’t really raise… I don’t hear, “the Mueller report.” I hear about jobs. I hear about immigration. I hear about healthcare.”

Americans’ Right to Data Privacy

Leader McCarthy described a hypothetical scenario where the U.S. Postal Service would treat your data like many of America’s big tech companies… it’s a scary thought.

Remarks are below or watch online here.

“What if I proposed legislation and asked the Postmaster to make postage in America free? So, if you want to mail a letter it’s free. But because we’re doing it for free, we get to read your letter.

 “But it’s going to be good for you, because when we read your letter, we’re gonna realize you’re looking for a new outfit, so we’ll send you an advertisement. Or you’re thinking about a vacation, so we gave you some ideas to Disneyland or something else. Would that be okay?

 “Everybody who writes on Gmail, that’s what happens. You would be offended, right? If we read your letter?

 My data is my data. If I leave your platform, my data should leave your platform too. It should be very open of what data you’re taking from me. You shouldn’t try to sneak things to capture more of my data. That’s how you’re gathering money.”