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Ahead of Memorial Day, the House brought six bills to the floor to better serve our nation’s veterans, building on our promise to ensure our veterans receive the care they deserve in return for all they have sacrificed. The House remains committed and united in our efforts to better serve our veterans here at home.


Ensuring VA Employee Accountability Act (H.R. 1038)

  • This bill requires all written reprimands and admonishments given to a VA employee remain in their file as long as they are an employee of the Department in order to better hold VA employees accountable for their behavior. Under current practice, these remain in an employee’s record for less than three years, hurting a manager’s ability to review employees and get a true picture of their history in serving our veterans.


Veteran’s I.D. Card Act (H.R. 91)

  • This bill enables nearly all veterans to obtain a veterans’ ID card from the VA, rather than relying on their DD-214s or other official military records. It would ensure veterans have timely access to proper identification while streamlining the process of obtaining proof of military service so that veterans can prove their service and capitalize on service-related discounts in the marketplace.


Vulnerable Veterans Housing Reform Act (H.R 1816)

  • This bill reduces veteran homelessness by reforming how the Department of Housing and Urban Development provides housing assistance for disabled veterans.


While there is always more to be done—especially reforms to bring the VA into the 21st century—these six bills thank our veterans with actions that will help improve their lives.