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Our nation’s law enforcement officers bravely put themselves in harm’s way to keep our families and communities safe each and every day. So today, as National Police Week begins, we want to highlight some of the heroic work that too often goes unnoticed or under appreciated.
Leader McCarthy will be commemorating the week by sharing stories of officers and their families, hosting a Back the Blue Bike Tour, and much more.
Here are just a few examples of the heroic actions police perform every day:
  • After a suicidal man drove off of a bridge into the ocean below, San Diego Police Department K9 Officer Jonathan Wiese sprung into action, scaling down the side of a cliff to rescue twin two-year-old sisters caught inside. When asked about the decision to throw himself over a cliff, Jonathan explained, “I didn’t do this job to be liked every day, I didn’t do it to become rich. I did it because I want to be out there making a difference and helping people.”
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Cameron Kinsey was monitoring a protest last summer when he saw a distressed mother who yelled to him that her child was asphyxiating after swallowing a coin. He took swift action, and was able to save the boy’s life.
  • As families across the country struggled financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Harris County Constable’s Office stepped up to help alleviate the strain for families facing eviction by raising $239,000.
  • And in Atlanta, Georgia, when Officer Veronica Campbell learned about a mother of five who had recently fled domestic abuse, she gifted the woman her car. “I’m always trying to find different ways I can give and help people,” Officer Campbell said. “I knew that this mother needed a new lease on life and she needed to know that the Atlanta Police Department had officers willing to make the sacrifice when they go out into the community.”

But rather than being honored for their sacrifice and service, our police are under attack like never before. Calls to defund and dismantle the police have come from activists and even within the halls of Congress. While Speaker Pelosi’s far-left House Democrat caucus openly calls to “abolish police,” Republicans will always stand with our nation’s heroes.

Law enforcement is our essential line of defense in protecting civil society and they deserve Congress’s support. That is why historically — and always under a Republican Majority — during National Police Week, legislation moves on the House floor to enhance law enforcement’s ability to keep us safe. But sadly the party of defunding, dismantling, and destroying has no such plans.

When Republicans retake the House, our police officers will see and feel just how much their sacrifices mean to America. House Republicans will always stand with our men and women in blue. May God bless them and keep them safe.

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