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The Biden Administration has consistently made decisions that compromise our national security and prioritize illegal immigrants over American citizens. It couldn’t be more clear that this crisis is self-inflicted; it is truly Biden’s Border Crisis.

And despite what Speaker Pelosi says about the situation being “under control” and “on a good path,” Americans know the reality is that this crisis is continuing to spiral out of control under President Biden’s leadership. Before his comment was walked back by his own staff, even the President finally referred to the chaos at the border as a “crisis.”

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents apprehended 172,000 individuals in March, the largest monthly surge of migrants in twenty years and a 71 percent increase from February. By September, they are projected to encounter over 2 million illegal immigrants.

And we still don’t have an answer for what to do with the 20,000 unaccompanied children who remain in facilities that have been past maximum capacity for months. In fact, the living conditions have become so unbearable that migrant centers have been forced to close.

But Biden’s Border Crisis isn’t just a humanitarian crisis, it is also a public health and national security crisis, and an affront to the rule of law.

Fentanyl seizures increased by 233 percent compared to the same time last year. And because CBP agents are being pulled off their patrol to help care for the overwhelming number of detained migrant children, there are fewer agents available to help stop the flow of dangerous substances and, tragically, more Americans will end up dying because of it.

Additionally, CBP reported that several individuals on the terrorist watch list have been caught at different locations across our southern border — something Democrats baselessly accused Leader McCarthy of lying about less than a month ago.

Despite these dire circumstances, House Democrats aren’t using legislation this week to fix the problem. They are actually trying to make the crisis worse, here’s how:

H.R. 1333, the NO BAN Act, would weaken the President’s authority to deny entry to illegal aliens whose entry would be detrimental to national security and public health. This legislation does nothing to address the actual causes of the border crisis, but it does limit a president’s ability to act quickly and decisively to keep our country safe. Additionally, the bill’s vague language would increase the risk of potential litigation against the U.S. government by opportunistic trial lawyers.

H.R. 1573, the Access to Counsel Act of 2021, provides a right to consult with counsel for individuals subjected to a secondary inspection at a port of entry. This would substantially slow legitimate trade and travel into the country, and cost taxpayers $825 million. The operational cost to the CBP would remove even more officers from the field who could have been stopping the flow of fentanyl and ensuring terrorists never step foot on American soil.

These bills are the exact opposite of what our government should be doing right now. Republicans understand what needs to be done because, unlike Democrats, we’ve been to the border to see the crisis firsthand, speak with CBP agents, and propose solutions.

Instead of voting on legislation that does nothing to address the crisis, it’s time for Democrats to work with Republicans to craft substantive legislation that prioritizes American citizens and enhances our national security. It’s time to end the Biden Border Crisis.