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Amid intraparty chaos, House Democrats canceled a vote this week on their backup caps bill after failing to write a budget, the chief responsibility of the Budget Committee. See below for what they are saying about the lackluster and ineffective Democrat majority in the 116th Congress:

  • “House Dems Cancel Vote On Budget Plan Amid Internal Revolt” “Democratic leaders made a last-ditch attempt to sell the budget in a closed-door meeting Tuesday morning, with House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey delivering some tough love to her colleagues. If Democrats can’t pass a bill to set spending limits, the New York Democrat said, they shouldn’t be in the majority, according to multiple people in the room. Such a setback would come after the caucus is likely to skip passing a formal budget this year.” (Sarah Ferris, “House Dems Cancel Vote On Budget Plan Amid Internal Revolt,” Politico, 4/9/19)
  • “Divided House Democrats Delay Budget Vote As Ideological Gap Widens” “An embarrassing send-off as the new majority prepared to leave for a three-day retreat. The decision to indefinitely postpone the vote underscored the Democrats’ lack of unity almost 100 days into their majority and the challenge facing Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team as they try to bridge an ideological gap between upstart progressives flexing their muscles and more moderate members clinging to their Republican-leaning seats.” (Emily Cochrane, “Divided House Democrats Delay Budget Vote as Ideological Gap Widens,” New York Times, 4/9/19)
  • “Splits Among House Democrats Derail Spending Vote” “The skirmish over spending levels is the latest issue to bedevil the new House Democratic majority, which swept into power this year with an ideologically diverse group of lawmakers, including vocal liberals and centrists who eked out victories in more conservative-leaning districts. House Democrats have split over policy issues, including whether to back a “Medicare for all” health-care bill or focus on shoring up the Affordable Care Act.” (Kristina Peterson, “Splits Among House Democrats Derail Spending Vote,” Wall Street Journal, 4/9/19)