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Washington, D.C. – At a weekly press conference today, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) reiterated his call for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to suspend her impeachment inquiry until the same due process rights that were given to Nixon and Clinton are provided to President Trump. As House Democrats continue their sham process, no meaningful legislation is getting done on behalf of the American people. 

Leader McCarthy also took this time to acknowledge an important conversation that occurred yesterday off of Capitol Hill at Georgetown University. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about free expression and American social platforms’ responsibility to preserve it. Leader McCarthy agrees, specifically in the face of China’s rising influence around the world, but especially in the United States. 

Highlights are below, or watch the full press conference here.

On the Democrats’ Unfair and Unprecedented Impeachment Inquiry:

“Let me start by reiterating how broken this process is. As you saw over the break, I sent the Speaker a letter that asked ten simple questions. She responded by only answering two. It’s quite simple: this inquiry should be suspended until the same due process rights that were given to President Nixon and President Clinton are provided to President Trump.  

“Instead of answering, the Speaker is avoiding. And she is misrepresenting along every step of the way.  

“I heard the Speaker now suggest this is the investigative phase — not actually an impeachment inquiry which she stated three weeks ago. In fact — she compares the House process now to that of a special counsel. 

“But Adam Schiff is not a prosecutor, and he’s not from the executive branch. He is a member of Congress, and that is a blatant abuse of power.”

On the Democrats’ Failure to do the People’s Work:

“[The impeachment inquiry] should also be suspended for what it is preventing from happening: doing the people’s work, including funding our troops. The National Defense Authorization bill is languishing. The Department of Defense funding is languishing. Together, these critical bills include troop pay raises — disaster recovery funding for our military bases — and increased medical research funding at NIH. 

Democrats are prioritizing impeachment over our own troops. They are prioritizing impeachment over a transformational trade deal. And they are prioritizing impeachment over bipartisan legislation to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.”

On the Importance of Preserving Free Expression in America:

“The idea of banning speech you might not like is nonsense. But sadly, that mindset is creeping into places like college campuses and presidential campaign platforms. The values that Zuckerberg stated are uniquely and inherently American values. Everyone, especially those in Congress, must fight to protect these values against entities who do not share them.

“And as Zuckerberg mentioned, as China continues to build an arsenal of technological advancements, they are therefore creating their own Internet derived from not just different values, but values that threaten ours.

“We cannot let the suppressed Internet we see abroad, but most notably in China, creep into the United States. We cannot allow another country, but especially China, to set the rules for discourse in the United States…

“I appreciate Zuckerberg, the head of one of the largest and most widespread communications platforms in the world, making it clear that he not only understands that the threat is real, but that he wants to proactively fight against it. Yesterday was a heartwarming reminder that free expression still is the best business model in the world.”