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As Russia wages an unjust war against Ukraine, the House took an important step to vote for sanctions on the importation of Russian oil — however, more needs to be done to reduce gasoline prices and apply the necessary pressure to Vladimir Putin’s regime.

House Republicans put the American Energy Independence from Russia Act up for a vote on the House floor, which would jumpstart domestic energy production and increase the supply of oil in the market.

In response to all House Democrats voting against this critical piece of legislation, Leader McCarthy issued the following statement:

“Stopping Russian oil imports is the right decision, but once again, House Democrats have stopped far short of what is needed to address rising gas prices. If they truly cared about easing prices at the pump, House Democrats would have voted for the dozens of common-sense policies Republicans offered to achieve American energy dominance. Instead, every Democrat voted three times in the past two weeks against tougher trade sanctions on Russia and against unleashing American energy.

“Democrats want the glory of punishing Putin, but they don’t have the guts to buck their radical base or take responsibility for the dozens of America-last policies that contribute to rising prices. The obvious answer to rising gas prices is to return to energy independence. Democrats’ fake choice between punishing Putin and lowering energy costs is why Americans are paying higher prices.”