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Before they even knew the details, House Democrats today launched shameless attacks against Republican efforts to save and secure Medicare for future generations.

House Democrats Launched A Political Attack Against Republican Efforts To Save And Secure Medicare For Future Generations. “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is going to challenge 50 House Republicans and tie them to House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize Medicare and dramatically change the way seniors receive health care. … ‘House Republican leaders are now full speed ahead on a partisan plan that would dismantle Medicare for seniors,’ said Jesse Ferguson, spokesman for the House Democrats’ campaign arm.” (Catalina Camia, “Dems Target 50 GOP Freshmen On Ryan’s Medicare Plan,” USA Today’s “On Politics” Blog, 4/4/11)

Of course, what the Democrats fail to mention is that the House GOP plan is intended to save Medicare, which even Democrats have admitted is on a path that is “not sustainable.”