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After piling up trillions of dollars in new debt and proposals for two trillion dollars in higher taxes, House Democrats have doubled down on their deceptive budget attacks. Today, the Democrats’ campaign arm will falsely accuse Republicans, yet again, of voting to “end Medicare” and preserving “giveaways for big oil companies.”

House Democrats Have Launched A New Robocall Against The House GOP That Accuses Republicans Of Voting “To End Medicare.” “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will keep up its assault on Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget today, hitting 25 House members with Medicare-themed robo-calls and releasing a video that previews even harsher messaging to come. … ‘He actually voted to end Medicare rather than end taxpayer giveaways for big oil companies making record profits or tax breaks for the ultra-rich … America is built on shared sacrifice. Paul Gosar is choosing to place the burden on seniors.’” (Alexander Burns, Politico’s “Morning Score”, 4/25/11)

But nonpartisan fact checks have widely debunked similar claims from House Democrats and affirmed that, under the House GOP budget, all seniors would be covered and charged the same insurance rate based on age.