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For the last forty-eight days, House Republicans have passed four measures to clean up the mess left behind by the Democrats in the 111th Congress. But now, House Democratic leadership has tried to deflect blame by falsely claiming that Republicans, who controlled zero branches of government in 2010, somehow were to blame for Congress’s historic failure.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer On Why Democrats Failed To Pass A FY2011 Budget: “The Republicans Would Not Allow Bills To Move In The Senate.” VELSHI: “It shines the light on the Democrats who didn’t pass this budget when they controlled both houses. What have you got to do to get their maneuvering in line?” HOYER: “Well, let me talk about we didn’t pass a budget. You’ll recall the reason that the Senate couldn’t get a budget up on the floor was because 41 Republicans held tight against consideration of those bills. … The Republicans would not allow bills to move in the Senate. You know that. I know that.” (CNN’s “American Morning,” 4/8/11)

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