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A recent bombing outside of Baghdad killed at least 14 people while ISIL continues its murderous regime. Russia continues its military buildup on Ukraine’s border while it supports separatist rebels against Kiev. Iran is allegedly months away from enriching enough material for a nuclear weapon.

Meanwhile, President Obama continues his efforts to scale back the military and retreat from the world stage. Yet as America retreats under President Obama’s leadership, former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell said, “I’ve never seen more threats to our country at any one time in my 33 years in the business. … I think in the history of our country.”

This is not a time to withdraw and approach national security as a second priority.

But if the President isn’t taking national security as seriously as he should, the House is. This week, the House is putting national security at the forefront by considering three major bills to support and reform our military, provide oversight on Iran nuclear negotiations, and extend and reform our national intelligence capabilities.

  • The National Defense Authorization Act fully funds our military while cutting needless waste by instituting reforms to the Department of Defense’s costly acquisitions process.
  • The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act ensures that the people have a rightful say through their representatives in reviewing any agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.
  • The USA Freedom Act balances privacy and security to make sure civil liberties are protected while our intelligence community still has the tools it needs to protect our homeland from terrorism.

The world is a more dangerous place than it was just a few years ago. Our allies don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us. Now, we must do everything we can to keep America safe and strong. These House bills will ensure that we have the ability to protect our homeland from those who would attack us and defend our interests abroad in an even more uncertain world.