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Today, House Republican leadership held a press conference to discuss the problems with one-party Democrat control of Washington.

During the press conference, the Members pointed out that Americans in communities across the country have been devastated by the rapid growth of inflation, the rise in violent crime, and the out-of-control flow of drugs across our southern border. To tackle these issues that American families face each and everyday, the House Republican Conference came together and formed issue-specific task forces.

Leader McCarthy, in conjunction with his task force leads, laid out the vision that he and his Members have for the American people: safe streets and a stable economy.

Remarks as prepared are below, or you may watch here.

“We are glad to be in the free state of Florida to kick off the House GOP issues conference.

“A year ago, I launched issue-specific task forces to help build on our Commitment to America agenda. 

“I am proud of the work each of our task force leads has already done and continues to do.

“Their work, alongside the contributions of every one of our members, will prove critical to ensuring the American people have a clear alternative this November to ending Democrats’ disastrous one-party rule in Washington. 

“While Democrats seemed more concerned with what to call their ‘retreat,’ we are here to discuss the actual problems plaguing the lives of our constituents.

“Gas Prices:

  • For the 17th day, gas prices have been at or over $4/gallon, and even hit an all-time high. This will continue to cost American families $2,000 a year.
  • We need to restore America’s energy independence to help ease the burden of high prices for our families and help protect our national security.


  • Far from transitory, inflation is expected to stick around for years.  Over the past four months, inflation has been at a near-40 year high. Every year of Biden’s presidency, is costing American families an additional thousands of dollars in buying power.
  • On day one of our majority, we will work to curb inflation – stop the massive government spending, stop incentivizing people not to work, and take action to fix our supply chain crisis. 


  • The situation at our southern border is out of control. Nearly 2.5 million migrants have illegally entered our country just since President Biden took office, including some on the terrorist watch list. Fentanyl continues to flow into our communities – Fentanyl overdose is now the leading cause of death for adults age 18 to 45.
  • Republicans already have a plan to secure our border. Finish the wall. Fully reinstate the ‘Remain-in-Mexico’ policy. Maintain Title 42 Authority.


  • 12 cities in Biden’s America have hit an all-time homicide record. Violent criminals are being let back out on the street. People don’t feel safe.
  • We will work to stop liberal prosecutors who are enabling criminals and help restore law and order back to our communities. 

“Each of these crises started the day President Biden was sworn into office and have gotten worse every single month since.

“And for nearly 14 months, each of these issues has been ignored by the political party in power. 

“We cannot continue down this path.

“I am confident that the agenda our conference is putting together will help turn the tide and will better the lives of American families.”